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IaaS, SaaS and Cloud Readiness Assessment

Is the cloud right for my business? How can my business benefit from utilizing cloud services? What is the financial and operational impact of moving some or all of my IT functions to the cloud?

Our team of professionals will help our clients assess the benefits of cloud computing for their particular business environment. Our process is to analyse client business applications, client business processes, look at bandwidth capacity and help to educate clients on the new style of IT that the cloud offers.

By moving some or all of your IT operations and infrastructure to cloud managed services, your company can benefit from a much more operational expense model. Additionally, you can get out of the continual hardware refresh cycle that has been difficult for many businesses to plan and implement.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Previously, most businesses had on-premises infrastructure to handle production workloads. While this methodology worked well, they required ongoing support as well as continued investment.

Starboard IT’s Professional Services team will help assess your current infrastructure and business processes in order to design an optimal solution, providing better resiliency, redundancy and lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, clients can easily add or reduce processing power, data storage, memory and bandwidth.

Microsoft Office 365

Our team are well versed on the various types of Microsoft’s Office 365 offers and can guide your company through selecting and tailoring the right Office 365 solution to suit your needs.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

The team at Starboard IT have implemented a raft of different cloud-based backup solutions for our clients. We provide offsite replication of mission critical data tailored to your data retention policies, requirements and business needs.

Similarly, we have also crafted numerous disaster recovery solutions to minimise business interruption in the event of a catastrophic incident, providing near real-time recovery of services.