Professional IT Services




Infrastructure Project Management and Delivery

Starboard IT’s specialist team ensures every project is a success. With proven expertise, best practice processes and a personal approach, all parts and services are delivered on time and on budget.

Starboard IT’s dedicated Projects Team combines agile, strategic thinkers with unsurpassed industry experience. Whether it is a standard desktop fleet upgrade or office move, through to complex virtualisation projects or merger & acquisition integrations, our team applies best practice methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.

  • IT project management services utilising best practice and tested methodologies including project planning, project stage management and project closure.
  • Project deployment & implementation services by certified experienced consultants.
  • Consultation on the delivery of IT projects including detailed solution architecture & designs.

These three elements are included in our project services offerings which span a wide range of IT projects across the full suite of our services such as networks, cloud computing, virtualisation, storage, disaster recovery and much more.

Security & Industry Standards

At Starboard IT we work with our clients to understand their business practices and implement security best practices to ensure they are compliant with industry-specific regulations

Starboard IT understands that sound security practices and compliance are the backbone of any organization. Security compliance regulations are demanding more of businesses every day and security is no longer a “set it and forget it” task. Consequences for non-compliance across all industries such as financial (APRA) retail (PCI) and other industry standards are becoming more serious and cause a greater need for tailored security strategies.

Optimise Existing Assets

Business and technology continues to evolve, so there is a greater need to leverage technology in more efficient ways. This includes cloud, virtualisation, storage, and server consolidation.

As an organisation grows, the need to protect critical data increases as does the requirement for data storage. Furthermore, business applications require special consideration of server resources and redundancy as downtime becomes more costly.

At Starboard IT, we understand the challenges of complex computing needs. By leveraging virtualisation technology and increasing bandwidth resources, we are able to help our clients consolidate their physical server environments. We can also help increase redundancy, storage capacities, and influence both premise and cloud-based solutions to meet the needs of their businesses both today and in the future.

Infrastructure Projects

With our highly-effective approach to IT project delivery, we prevent uncontrolled growth and keep budgets in line with project costs.

  • Network Audits, Gap and Risk Analysis and Infrastructure Upgrade Recommendations
  • Local and Wide Area Network Technology Upgrades and Conversions
  • Virtualization, Storage and Server Consolidation Solutions
  • Premise-based Systems Integration
  • Cloud & On-premise Technology Conversions and Integrations
  • Enterprise Back-up, Storage Implementation
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Infrastructure Convergence with Dedicated Application Development Teams