IT Network Management

Monitoring of network devices

Website performance and availability monitoring

SSL Certificate monitoring

DNS performance and availability

Take the guess work out of your system availability

How resilient is your network?

System outages always happen at the worst possible time: just when that board report is due, or just when the end-of-month financials are about to run.

All too often companies focus just on the uptime of their servers and overlook the network infrastructure that underpins them.

With Starboard IT advanced network monitoring services, system failures can be forecast and preventative action taken to avoid costly downtime for your business. Furthermore, monitoring can pinpoint hotspots, bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations etc. to ensure you are getting the right return on your investment.

How we will help you

Starboard IT is all about end-to-end solutions.

Our advanced network management solution provides comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls using internet-standard protocols. But we don’t just stop there…

We can also monitor your critical applications whether they are hosted in the cloud or on-premises from 50+ global locations.

Most importantly, we aren’t just monitoring the availability of your services: we are monitoring the performance so we can help to improve the end user experience for your staff and your clients.